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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thousands in the dark and the cleanup crews hard at work. >> plus, the jury deliberation in the case of chandra levy. later, prince william pops the question. the crown has a new reason to celebrate. "good morning washington" continues. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this wednesday, november 17. i'm scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. the storm over night has anne arundel mills school closed because of storm damage. let's go to adam caskey. it was an unusual thunderstorm for november. >> temperatures rose last night. it was 64 degrees for the high temperature yesterday.
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there was atmospheric conditions conducive to the line of thunderstorms and a potential tornado here and there, they're going to conduct an official storm survey. temperatures are in the mid 50's right now. 56 at reagan national, 57 in la plata. if there's a wind advisories from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. fee in the county stated in light brown. there could be wind gusts from 30-50 miles an hour. 50 on the ridge tops. 30-45 locally. otherwise, sunshine. highs in the mid 60's. mid 50's tomorrow. downed trees and power outages today. the storm was intense less night. coming alice of your neighborhoods will be the most challenging. the beltway travel and interstate travel, let pavement
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and road spray. in vacaville, the ramp to rockville pike -- in vacaville -- rockville, the ramp to the inner loop is closed. arundel middle school is closed. the storms moved through the region overnight. reports of a possible tornado in baltimore. people will look at the damage left behind. pamela brown is live in arlington with more on the aftermath of the powerful storms. good morning. >> less night's storm was brief but powerful. it caused a lot of damage. the bulk of it in arlington, next to virginia hospital center. this is an example of some of the damage we found. this is a massive tree that fell
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on the power lines. this leader of the next few hours. it will take some time to clear disks. george mason drive between 15th street and washington boulevard will be closed during the morning rush hour or. a lot of cars are having to turn around because the collins -- cones are blocking traffic. a telephone pole snapped. this is just an example. there are a lot of downed trees and downed power lines threw out to the area, especially in arlington. this neighborhood next to virginia hospital center was especially hard-hit. we have seen tricot crews as well as power crews -- tree
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crews. 10,500 houses are in the dark in northern virginia. back to you. the storm also caused serious damage in northeast washington. this was the scene behind chris this store in the brentwood neighborhood. damage caused to the roof of the building and the debris scattered around the parking lot. more on this developing story as it becomes available. the chandra levy murder trial and has entered its final stages. beginning today, jurors will deliberate the fate of ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing a federal intern chandra levy nearly a decade ago. >> courtney robinson has what to expect. >> good morning. there is quite a bit to discuss. we don't know maulana it will take for the jury to deliberate
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on two counts of first-degree urder. prosecutors tried pulling on heartstrings, but the defense says convicting ingmar guandique would be conducting an innocent man. it was the same thing reiterated to jurors, prosecutors assigned to convict the man. defense attorneys say that the case is a fiction. prosecutors say. he attacked chandra levy and letter in the lords to die a slow death in rock creek park. the focus on his prior convictions for attacking two women at a park or on the same time of chandra levy's murder and they pointed to testimony from his former cellmates who gave details only the murder or ld kno.'
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defense attorneys set the cellmate would have something to gain. nearly 10 years later, gary condit would not answer questions about an alleged sexual relationship with chandra levy, said the defense. the jurors will have to determine the fate of just one man, ingmar guandique. the arizona man who allegedly had weapons in his trailer outside air and space museum is expected in court. a felony status conference for 56-year-old james patock in d.c. superior court today. he's been in jail since his arrest in november. >> the university of virginia study finds that the policy of
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reducing illegal immigration has worked. no lawsuits claiming rocha profiling have been filed. but some residents say they believe profiling is rampant. >> there's racial profiling. always being asked whether you are here illegally. but some arlington county officials are critical of the findings. they say that one-third of arlington county residents are immigrants and crime over there is at its lowest since 1950. new details in the prince george's county corruption scandal. prosecutors revealed fbi agents recorded phone calls between langley park flickr storeowners ravinder melhi and amrik melhi. the couple spoke about bribing county officials in exchange for favors. the judge has ordered them held until a trial. new york congressman charles rangel is waiting to learn his
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punishment after thomas panel found he violated ethics rules. the fullness of this committee will decide if the veteran democrat will be punished. he could be sanctioned, fined, or denied priveleges. he hopes the committee will treat him fairly. republicans are expected to lead, rt leader john boehner as alice speaker. a virginia congressman decanter as majority leader. if democrats are expected to choose current speaker nancy pelosi to be minority leader. 54 degrees, 6:08. >> dfg it takes aim at four loko and the maker of that alcoholic energy drink is responding. >> changing the course of the british crown, we would have the latest of will engagement. >> we will have a
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when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore, it was up to me to support our family. karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job,. don't let washington get in the way.
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weir with the pulmonary hypertension association. it's one of the most misdiagnosed diseases. visit us online at our website. >> good morning, washington. wednesday morning, 6:11. it's 55 degrees in leesburg. look at the rainfall with the thunderstorms. 1.7 inches, not much rain everywhere. 1 inch in spotsylvania. takoma park, 0.8 inches.
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half an inch in college park. it's 55 degrees into b.j.'s and arlington. 53 in mount airy. 54 and warrenton. sunny and gusty today. wind advisory from 9:00 a.m. through 4 rpm for the best majority of the viewing area. gusts of 30-50 miles an hour. highs in the mid 60's. 40 degrees tonight. increasing clouds tomorrow, mid 50's. it is overwhelming. it is exactly what we anticipated. coming out of the neighborhoods. if you live in a tree-lined area, there's a lot of debris. a lot of power outages and power poles down and power lines down. if there was a big crash yesterday. this is live, eastbound dulles
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toll road. those lights are traffic coming out of reston. two lanes getting by to left at two laneses ashtabu getting by to the left at hunter mill road and the bureau road overpass -- beulah road. coming up, nothing but love for the beatles online. 24 hours later, they cracked the top 50 17 times. >> a private marriage proposal takes the wor
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welcome back.
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our top story is, the storms that blew through our region overnight left behind plenty of damage. this is george mason drive in arlington, where there are downed trees and power lines. thousands of homes and businesses across the d.c. area and without electricity this morning. a jury will begin deliberations in the case against ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing a federal intern chandra levy in 2001. if both sides finished their closing arguments yesterday. prosecutors dropped several charges. a group of experts says the sea and its contractors missed and ignored warning signs before the april blowout that caused massive explosion in the gulf of mexico -- says that bp missed and ignored warning signs. prince william has proposed to his longtime love kate
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middleton. >> good morning. everybody wants to see the letting -- wants to see the engagement ring. she's a commoner engaged to marry a presumptive king. it has been hundreds of years since this has happened. she never spoke publicly until yesterday. the ring is a sapphire surrounded by diamonds and it looks familiar. >> it is my mother's engagement ring. it's nice because she will not be around to share the excitement. it's my way of having her present. >> i look up to her. >> queen elizabeth is delighted.
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the wedding is set for next spring or summer. prince william got engaged in kenya last month. decarolis good engagement ring in his backpack nearly three weeks waiting for the right moment. he realized that if you lost it, he would be in big trouble. abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. let's move on to other news. the transportation security administration is expected to face more tough questions about its new screening procedures. the issue is expected to come up during a senate commerce committee hearing today. yesterday tsa leaders said passengers reducing the full body scan or pat-downs will not be a lot to get on the airplane. d.c. area airports got high marks. reagan national ranked 10th on
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the list of best u.s. airports. dulles international was no. 13. bwi marshall was no. 15. there are judged on several criteria including on-time arrivals and departures. the ntsb wants virginia to make wearing -- not wearing a seatbelt a primary offense. that means drivers could be pulled over if they're not buckled upper. a bill calling for that was just defeated in virginia. similar laws exist in maryland and d.c.. the ntsb said the law improved seat belt use by 12%. on itunes it was a good date for the beatles. but it was a tough day for stocks. >> we begin your "money scope report." with a solution to ease the foreclosure mess. states' attorneys general and top lawmakers said that a
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settlement could force banks to put more resources into modifying delinquent loans. gm is increasing the size of its initial public offering by 30% to make it the largest ever. if the value of the stock sale could reach $23 billion. gm has this chevy volt named the 2011 car of the year by motor trend magazine. the electric car is a great value of and it goes on sale next month. itunes has all 17 beatles albums among the top 50 sold. abbey road is at no. 6. i am vinita nair. time to check on traffic and weather. >> we are ready for sunshine. >> there will be gusty wind as well today. there's a lot to talk about. i was sleeping through the storm. let's look at it on the radar.
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notice the long squall line that developed. severe thunderstorms moved through yesterday evening around midnight. a possible pattern that could have triggered a tornado in baltimore and a slight chance of all week tornado in arlington. they're going to visit baltimore to find out if that actually occurred. this is a beautiful picture. clearing out quite a bit, just a few scattered clouds. a lot of sunshine today otherwise. it will get very gusty later on today. in hagerstown are gusts of 33 miles an hour. 23 in frederick. we will begin to see gusts in excess of 40 and maybe 50 miles an hour especially on the ridge tops of west later this afternoon. locally we could have gusts of 40 miles an hour or so.
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there's been an advisory until 4:00 p.m. today starting at 9:00 for the vast majority of the viewing area. it's 56 degrees at reagan national. still climbing to the mid 60's today with gusty wind out of the west. the wind will diminish tonight. it will be in the upper 30's tonight. very pleasant for the rest of the week. mostly friday through the weekend, mostly sunny, highs in the 50s. it has been very busy coming out of the neighborhoods. a lot of storm damage. yesterday the damage to the view labeled overpass -- damage to the beulah road overpass. they have opened all of lanes on the toll road. what or delays out of reston. 270 southbound at father hurley
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boulevard, this camera tells the tale. it's a beautiful morning. 6:21, 55 degrees. >> the countdown to christmas is on. two ways to shop without breaking the bank. >> today on "oprah," is a man performing miracles or is he a charlatan? decide for yourself today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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news of a decline in premature births. the march of dimes says 12.3% of births in 2008 were premature compared with 12.8% in 2006. it's far below the government's goal of 7.6%. 11.3% is the virginia premature birth rate. 13% in maryland. 15.5% in d.c. hospitals are being criticized for the holiday treat medicare patients. hospitals contribute to the deaths of 15,000 medicare patients. that is paramount. hundreds of thousands of infanincidents. many of those cases were clearly preventable. stores are offering new
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incentives to shoppers. >> one of them is layaway. you pay in installments. more people than ever are shopping online or using the internet to research bargains. >> i google coupons and find the best deals. >> everything is on sale everywhere you go, offering deals and discounts. >> many stores are offering a ship to store option to save on shipping. they're predicting a 2.3% increase in holiday sales compared with last year. >> that is hopeful. >> have you started? >> a little. i like online shopping. i am shopping online. >> still another half-hour of good morning washington. >> coming up on this wednesday,
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the crack down on caffeine and alcohol. if the fda sets its sights on four loko. >> i'm courtney robinson, live from d.c. superior court, we're in a few hours a jury will begin deliberating in the chandra levy murder case. we will have details ahead next. if >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a night of severe storms. today will be windy. a night of severe storms. today will be windy.
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>> live and in a she, this is" good morning washington." >> straight ahead, a fast-moving storm could mean a slow start to the work that very we are tracking the latest damage report and power outages in our area. good morning, washington, thank you for joining us at 6:30 on this wednesday, november 17. >> let's get straight to your
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traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it looks like the worst is gone but you said still some activity today? it still be windy today. there is a potential tornado here and they're especially in baltimore. it will be a very gusty day to day. that is why we have a wind advisory that will kick in at 9:00 at last until 4:00 p.m. it is all those areas of shaded in that tan color on the screen. it is in the mid-50's right now and mild. wind gusts will be 30-50 miles per hour today out of the west and sustained winds at 15-25 miles per hour. otherwise sunday and in the mid- 60's. it has been busy today.
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and there is a lot of storm damage and debris. closed.several roads rhode island avenue ne, you'll not be able to use that in to work this morning between fourth street and 12th street. that is a huge area. there are several trees down. there has been a crash aunt 270 southbound after montrose road. look at the traffic trying to get to the lay and divide. we are on storm watch this morning as people get their first look at the massive damage caused by powerful wind gusts. there are reports of a possible tornado in baltimore. power lines are down across the area. we go live to arlington. >> good morning.
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it is a messy situation this morning from that powerful storm overnight. the bulk of the problems are in the neighborhoods especially right here in arlington. you can see this massive tree hanging over the power line. a crew said it will take them several hours to clear this out. they say this road, george mason drive between 15th washington boulevard will be closed. we have seen several cars come here and circle around or take a different route to get through. it is already causing some issues. we have seen several of downed power lines. there is a telephone pole that snapped. this is from the storm with the damaging winds and lightning causing many problems. we have seen tree crews out here. power crews are out working on the situation. the biggest problem for folks
6:34 am
this morning is getting out of their neighborhood. many of the side streets are closed due to these downed trees and power lines. many guns are still in the dark this morning. the total number is 6647 for our region. that is a vast improvement over the last couple of hours. the bulk of the power outages are right here in arlington especially in this neighborhood next to the virginia hospital center. thank you. the storm also caused serious damage in northeast washington. look at this scene at the aj wright store. the damage was caused by the wind. part of the roof of the building is in the parking lot. rhode island avenue in ne is closed between fourth street and 12th street. we will have more on this developing story. meanwhile, the chandra levy murder trial is entering its final stages. the jury will begin deliberating
6:35 am
today whether or not to convict accused killer ingmar guandique. >> both the prosecution and defense made pleas to the jury in the closing arguments. >> good morning. in just a few hours, those deliberations will get underway. a jury has a lot to discuss. they heard quite a bit of testimony. during the past month. they also have to discuss what they heard during closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense for the prosecution pulled on the part train -- heart strings saying that chandra levy waited 10 years for justice but the defense says the convicting ingmar guandique of two counts of first-degree murder is wrong because he is innocent. they pointed to zero physical evidence and said former congressman gary condit is the one who acted like a guilty -- guilty man in the months following her disappearance.
6:36 am
they thought -- the prosecution focused on prior convictions assaulting two other women in rock creek park and confessions in prison. we are awaiting a verdict in this case. we will stay on top of it and bring you the latest. thank you. some members of the ethiopian community planned to protest today in connection with the death of the 27-year-old who died outside the d.c. nightclub last night. the protesters want to make sure that the club's liquor license was revoked is not reinstated. police are trying to identify a body that was found in a box in frederick. crews doing routine report found the body yesterday morning along i 70 near braddock mountain. maryland state police will only say the body is that of an adult. prosecutors say fbi agents
6:37 am
recorded phone conversations between 12 langley park liquor store owners. they say the owners of the liquor store talk about paying bribes to county officials in exchange for favors. the meeting between president obama and congressional leaders from both parties has now been pushed back until after thanksgiving. that bipartisan summit had been set for this thursday. instead, it will take place on november 30. the president called for the meeting two days after republicans gained control of the house. it is 6:37 on this wednesday morning. it is 55 degrees. >> plenty of conversation about the royal wedding. brandy or bristol is the conversation, someone had to go. >> cracking down and made dangers of drinking.
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>> we go live for our good
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welcome back, but time is 6:40. time for traffic every 10 minutes. >> doug hill is live and calvert county, what a wild night. >> it sure was. in southern maryland, we missed the action that adam caskey described.
6:41 am
apparently, there's a chance of a tornado in baltimore. the eggs will calm down in the sky. let's give you a look. there it was a lot in the skies yesterday but it is still raining. the big story will be vote winds around the area. take a look at the wind advisory map. this will take affect at 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. temperatures at the moment are still fairly mild. our numbers are 55 degrees reported in baltimore and 58 degrees in reagan national airport. these are equal to the normal highs and we will get above- average today, around 65 degrees with gusty winds possibly gusting 30-50 miles per hour. another cold front will come through tomorrow and the weekend is looking good. i will be back to talk more about the high winds that are coming our way. thank you.
6:42 am
lisa baden has plenty to talk about. some tough road conditions out there -- that's true, 270 southbound has a mass of crash after montrose road and delays begin in clarksburg into rockville. this is a crash effort montrose road. only the right shoulder and the right lane is trying to get around all those vehicles. let's get to video of massachusetts avenue which has been reopened near the navel observatory. they have managed to move the mother of all trees out of the road with between 34th street and 35th street. this is the size of the tree that came down. i am listening to doug hill talk about high winds on the way with saturated ground and that makes me nervous. thank you. 55 degrees outside and 6:42 is your time. >> coming up, michael still under fire from his own party.
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>> coming up, michael still under fire from his own party. he could have
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when i saw all the jobs disappearing, i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. at age forty, greg flowers went back to school. i got a job as a computer applications engineer. but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like greg, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice. don't let washington get in the way.
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>> coming up tonight, we have new details on what local transportation leaders will be doing this year to clear the roads and sidewalks faster in the winter. we have a new snow strategy tonight at 5:00. seven o'clock -- seven is on your side with a fight against the controversial energy critic drinks like four loco and how they could lead to an fda ban. >> inside this tall, colorful
6:46 am
can is what someone would call in date recombination. the popular beverage pox -- packs the punch of four beers and a tall cup of coffee and costs less than $3 making it a popular for students on college campuses. >> people love it because it tastes good. you can get buzzed pretty easily. >> the maker of the drink says it will remove the cathy from its product and pull it off the market for this comes as the food administration is poised to bed because of potential health risks. >> the kathy and is encouraging people to drink far more than they should. it masks the effect of the alcohol so people don't feel the state of intoxication that would lead them to stop drinking. >> the combination made one person feels sick. >> mike estimate was feeling bad. i got a headache afterwards that some fans of the drink said despite the potential risk, they plan on stocking up. >> we will problem by five or
6:47 am
six cases if they pull it from the shelves. >> that was brianne carter reporting. d.c. wants to know how much doctors know about the hiv aids and the epidemic. doctors will get a survey asking questions about the epidemic and recommendations for screening. 3% of d.c. residents have been diagnosed with hiv aids. >> is 6:47 and return to the " politico"minute. >> we have more details. thank you for being here. let's start with a battle brewing in the republican party about michael steele. >> what happened yesterday is one of his own political advisers basically said there are organizational problems and there are fund-raising problems and this is important to the 2012 presidential candidates who want a strong party leader at the top to make sure that all
6:48 am
the wheels are rolling going up against president obama in 2012 them and he was really lashing out at michael steele who has been embattled in recent years. does this mean he will step down? >> we will know sued varity has not said formally whether he will run. other candidates are emerging already. republican member from michigan has announced his candidacy. you hear whispers about states like missouri and wisconsin but this is a behind-the-scenes process. right now, it looks very untenable for michael steele to say he wants to run when comments like this come out them everything is leading up to 2012. never too early to look ahead. >> you are already saying candidacy blossom for candidacies three days after the elections in nebraska and montana. >> good to see you.
6:49 am
>> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's return to chief meteorologist to doug hill. big storms last night and big winds are coming. one of the first things i will do this morning is issued the comb-over advisory. this is the leading edge of this new weather system that came through last night. this is the history that character between 1:30 in the morning and 12:30. there are a lot of trees down. you don't associate these patterns with the middle of november but it is there and gone. behind the front, a gorgeous sunrise. rainfall was pretty impressive, leesburg almost one 3/4 inches
6:50 am
of rain. the wins will be the story today. yesterday was the re and at last i was a weather and today it will be strong winds. when the buzzer goes into effect at 9:00 a.m. across much of the area. the exception is southern maryland, spotsylvania, stafford and in the northern neck and not included. otherwise, 30-50 miles per hour. winchester had 33 miles per hour gusts. we will peek into the mid-60's for high temperatures today. this happens all the time behind cold fronts because the cold air is the delayed 24 hours or so. tomorrow will be cooler and another cold front comes to town and drop the temperature. what about the seven day forecast? adam caskey will have that coming up in a couple of
6:51 am
minutes. right now, we have blue skies and looking nicer out there this morning. >> we have the official comb- over advisory. >> is all set to go. >> lisa baden, you have another warning? you need to have patience this morning. 270 had a big crash southbound after montresor road. three lanes are now getting by after montresor road. three lanes are now getting by to the can you tell me what f-stop you had the aperture set to? uh, pretty big. and the shutter speed? really...[snaps]...quick. how did you compensate for the diminished light? very well, thank you. with features like compact long zoom, leica lenses, and intelligent auto, lumix cameras make amazing photos easy.
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people across the region are picking up the pieces after severe storms moved through our region during the overnight hours. >> there was damage around the parking lot of this store and trees were brought down and homes were damaged as well. >> in a few hours, jurors will begin deliberating the fate of
6:55 am
ingmar guandique accused of killing chandra levy more than nine years ago. the prosecution and the defense made their closing arguments yesterday. >> get ready for a little bit of surprise -- three finalists left standing. >> and it was a favor with the judges who was eliminated last night. >> of course there is some part of a that cause i can't believe this. i can't focus on that. i have to focus on what i did >> she had her best scores from the judges however, randy did not have enough of your votes. jennifer grey, crystal palin, and kyle massey will compete for the trophy next week. 6 o'clock 55 and time for a quick look at traffic and weather. massachusetts avenue had a huge tree that was cleared out
6:56 am
of the roadway. this is 270 with a cleanup of a multi-car accident. doug hill was talking about what about the weekend and early next week. today will be windy and we talked about that. tomorrow we'll have added cloud cover and mid-50's. friday through the weekend will have a lot of sunshine and looking agreeable for outdoor activities and november-like temperatures. it looks good >> that will do it for us this morning. we will have more coming up at 7:26. >> we will see you back here at noon today today today
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